SnoreLess™️ Anti Snore Micro Device

Almost all people may face snoring problem at some time in their lives. Although snoring is among the symptoms of sleep apnea, not every snoring can be associated with sleep apnea. However, snoring significantly affects the sleep quality of both the person’s own sleep and the people around him, causes the person to become weak during the day because it affects breathing and prevents a quality sleep.

Snoring occurs due to partial obstruction of the airway, enlargement of the throat structure or relaxation of the muscles. Since the airway is blocked and cannot breathe comfortably, throat trembling occurs when trying to breathe, which causes snoring. 

Some of the reasons for snoring are;

•Problems with nose, throat, and jaw shape
•Uvula (popularly known as small tongue) or soft palate swelling
•Swelling of the tonsils and adenoids
•Cold or allergy
•Excess weight
•Alcohol consumption
•Taking sleeping pills
•Using antihistamines
•Being pregnant
•Way to sleep
•Heart diseases
•Not getting enough sleep
•Sleep apnea

While some types of snoring cannot be cured, various treatment options have been developed depending on the underlying causes. If your breathing stops during your sleep or while snoring, this may be related to sleep apnea. One of the alternative to surgical treatment in patients with sleep apnea syndrome are anti snore micro devices. In patients with sleep apnea, especially during REM sleep, the relaxation of the muscles in the respiratory canal wall causes collapse in the upper respiratory tract and obstruction in the airway with negative pressure during breathing. With the positive pressure provided by the device, it is aimed to balance the negative pressure that causes collapse in the airway during breathing and to keep the air passage open. The carbon air filters inside the SnoreLess™️ Anti Snore Micro Device both purify and accelerate the air inhale process. It increases your air inhale without allowing excess air to escape. As a result, more air is taken in than was lost; thus creating a positive air pressure build-up. 

SnoreLess™️ Anti Snore Micro Device weighing less than 90 grams, designed to fit the nostril, provides a comfortable sleep without the need for a strap. This device should be used in patients who do not accept surgery, who did not benefit enough from surgery or who could not be operated. In addition, It can be used temporarily in patients preparing for surgery.

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