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This toy is so fun to play. My toddler screams and run around the house running away from it lol. The box comes with a car, remote and batteries. I believe the batteries for the car is rechargeable.

My kids are having a lot of fun. Easy to maneuver, great on lots of surfaces inside the house and out. The car plugs in and is rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries only the remote does. For the price these make A great gift. I don’t have anything I don’t like to say.

I am positively surprised. The package was complete+has additional screws. Fast delivery time (less than a month to Poland). Everything works correctly. Good workmanship, I particularly like wheels (although collect all dust and cat's fur from the floor) Great fun guaranteed

My family and I really had a lot of fun with this car. I even brought it over to my parents house and my mom and dad played with it (they are in their late 50s). It is so much fun with the way it twists and turns and is able to right itself. When I was a kid in the 80s and 90s RC cars were prohibitively expensive and one that did things like this weren’t even an option. Even now an RC car that does fun things like this is really awesome at this price point and would make an awesome gift. They are bright and stand out a lot. I got the red one as I like red more.

I bought this hairbrush because of my 6 year old daughter hates having her hair brushed and raved about the regular brush. My daughter is using this brush over a week and it's working well, I must say, these brushes are great! Finally, I brushed my little girl's hair without complaints and she had a smile on her face. Totally awesome.

I received the simply fit resistance bands and have used them and they are absolutely wonderful! I immediately felt the difference in my muscles and how it strengthened them. I would recommend anyone that wants exercise equipment that is inexpensive and very useful to purchase this item! It also comes in a very nice bag and keeps all your items together & it comes with a booklet of instructions to show you how to use the exercise bands!

I really enjoy this smart neck massager! It’s easy portable to anywhere you go. I also like how when you turn on the neck massager the remote connects to the device quickly! Its very easy to use and its also not heavy!

Given to my wife as a gift. She loves it. She likes how small it is and how well it heats her craft room. She likes the thermostat.

Amazing experience! Surprisingly it massages my neck with electric volts. It’s small, ergonomic and quiet. The little volts helped my stiff neck well.

LIFE SAVER! This little thing loosens up those muscles and all but destroys all of my pain. I simply put it on my neck while I’m watching TV for the evening and after a very short time I just feel the circulation flowing and my muscles relaxed. Great design and easy to use. Well worth the money too.

I bought 3 of these for my grand children. I unpacked one and powered it up. I think my grand children will love these when they receive these for Christmas. Lots of fun!

This hair brush is cool. After I brush my hair it leaves my hair shinny and manageable. The only thing is it's kinda heavy compared with a normal brush. But it's worth it for a home brush because will treat your hair and even relaxes your scalp.

using to amuse my 2 house cats. they enjoy chasing it very much.

This neck massager simulate real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, improve sleep quality, and promote blood circulation. There are 15 levers and 3 modes.

It's just like in the pictures, more beautiful and beautiful yet, and its sound is very soft and vibrant, it is wonderful, an instrument is Ceptional, comes with a book with several songs and stickers for each tone

It uses the same technology as a TENS unit but is specifically designed for the neck. Instead of requiring sticky pads that fall off and constantly need to be replace, the electrodes are permanently attached to the unit. They are always in perfect alignment.

I purchased this set to assist in the rehabilitation of a shoulder injury/surgery and have not been disappointed. Excellent materials and innovative design. Perfect for use at home or on travel

Great quality! Only change that I would make would be to add more variation in the weights and I'd like it to include another set of handles. For the average consumer, its perfect. But I am a personal trainer so I could use another set of handles so my clients can use them at the same time in class. I also would like a greater differentiation in band weight or at least have the highest band be a bit heavier. But for the average consumer purchasing this product for home use, A+, 5 stars. It's great.

Really well made, solid and sturdy instrument. Nice tones too!

When I got this, I was stuck in an assisted living nightmare where my room would drop into the 50's at night.They made a friend of mine take my heater away so I ordered this and was able to hide it except when I needed it. It probably saved me from freezing to death until I escaped that hell hole.

I get it all right, I like it very much, recommended. I like it very much, it works all right, I recommend

I really like my handy heater. Others in the house like it cold but I don't. Now I just turn my little heater on & my bedroom is nice and toasty.

The tone is perfect and I absolutely love playing this drum!

Wife and I absolutely love this massager. We were introduced to it by a close friend that said she loved it and so we gave it a try and decided to order our own. So far we are all very happy with it. Pretty awesome massager!

It heats up my small room (approximately 250 sqf.) quickly in about 10 mins from 50 degrees to 65 degrees. Its compact size is perfect for small space like under desk. 

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