Safe Space for Your Dog: Calming Dog Bed

How I Cured My Dog’s Anxiety

It was months ago when I got my first dog ever. He’s a rescue dog and I wanted to provide him the best environment ever. Our house has a big garden and there is plenty of room for him to do whatever he likes. But things didn’t go as I expected. Even though he was surrounded by a loving family, my dog suffered from anxiety and I couldn’t find a way to solve this issue for a while.

It was then, my friend suggested to me about this lovely solution. All I needed was to empathize with my dog. 

For a long time, I considered that home was the safest place for my dog. But I came to understand that it wasn’t. When I left home, the house was a lonely and scary place for my buddy. 

So, to understand how he feels when I’m gone, I decided to set up hidden cameras. Then I realized: My dog was showing signs of separation anxiety. The symptoms of an anxious dog are destructiveness, screaming, salivating, inappropriate toileting, coughing, and pacing. However, your dog might also be suffering in silence. Whatever the case is, you need to observe him or her and do whatever it takes to reduce the anxiety. 

After searching for solutions online, I came up with this great product. It’s called “The Cozy Soothe Bed” and it is a calming bed for dogs. It was specifically designed to relax your dog. It’s the coziest bed I’ve ever seen. To be honest, I even tried it myself and I coveted my buddy for having it. I wish there was a bed like this for people. Anyways, let me talk about the features of this great bed. 

Superior Comfort

This calming bed was designed with ultra-soft fur. The aim was to give the effect of sleeping right on a mother’s fur coat. The filling is so soft, it offers joint and muscle pain relief. 

Anxiety Reliever

Ultra-soft for coating and the raised rim makes it a perfect safe-space allowing your dog to relax and chill. 

Versatile Design

Design options for this bed are endless. You can choose any color you like to match your decoration. The bottom part is water and dirt-resistant which prevents messes from reaching the floor.

Easy to Clean

It’s obvious that you can’t use this bed without washing regularly. After a while, it might be a safe&stinky place for your dog that he/she won’t even get close to it. So, it is perfect that the producers made it machine washable and dryer friendly. 

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