Dr Abels™ Sonic Uplifter

Sagging skin is one of the main signs of aging and is usually seen first on the face. It is especially seen under the eyes and on the upper eyelid. In time, cheeks droop down a little and the nasolabial folds become apparent as a result. In the next step, the upper lip goes down a […]

V White™ – Whitening Automatic Toothbrush

The mouth, which is the beginning of the digestive system, is a very suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms due to its openness to the external environment and contact with food. Therefore, in cases where regular, correct and effective oral and dental care is not carried out, diseases in the tissues and teeth in […]

One of the Most Effective Exercises: Skipping Rope

When it comes to cardio exercise and the goal is to increase the heart rate, most people turn to activities such as jogging, cycling, etc. However, there is another very effective method you can do, it is “skipping rope”. Skipping rope is one of the simplest, most fun and effective exercises. It is no coincidence […]


Whether it is fair or not, we all make assumptions or judgments based on appearance. Well-groomed hair is an important factor to have an idea about someone. In a conversations, people’s eyes are directed toward the other’s heads. Because the hair on the head is so visible, though, it also becomes a part of a […]

ClearNova™ Vacuum Pro

Blackheads are a skin problem that is mainly visible when dirt accumulated in its pores becomes black or dark in color through oxidation. Blackheads are technically a type of acne called comedo. While there are various types of comedo, they all derive from one common denominator: clogged pores. Blackheads are formed as a result of clogging of the […]

The dry manicure

Hands are the body parts we all use the most. We want our hands, which are constantly in view, to look well-groomed, clean and healthy. Clean and well-groomed hands are always striking, because your hands attract the most attention when you are talking or doing a job. For this reason, we are advised to keep […]

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices: BabyAmy™ Laser Hair Removal Handset

“Unwanted hairs” problem, which has been around forever, has been permanently resolved thanks to the developing technology. Unlike other epilation types such as razor, wax and epilator methods, laser epilation is preferred because it is permanent and healthy. Laser epilation, which provides permanent removal of unwanted hair regardless of men or women, is painless compared […]

Nourish Belle™ – 5 in 1 Led Skin Tightening

What are the methods of tightening the skin?Tight and smooth skin is everyone’s dream. It represents youth, makes you look healthy, well-groomed and fit. However, unfortunately wrinkle and sagging problems occur on the skin, which loses its elasticity with the advancement of age. At this stage, we have compiled the skin tightening methods that will […]

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