Walk-Hero™ – Adjustable Elastic Ankle Brace

Ankle pain can be caused by a variety of reasons. Among these reasons, injuries to the articular cartilages, tendons and muscles that make up the foot anatomy can be counted, as well as rheumatic or musculoskeletal diseases that concern the whole body.  Ankle sprains are one of the most common causes of ankle pain. The […]

7 Classic Video Games

Games are now a much larger part of our lives, and they have come a long way, both technologically and culturally, until today. Developments in the technology world have also affected the game world, allowing the game world to create its own culture. Although technology enthusiasts follow the developments in the game world with excitement, […]


Whether it is fair or not, we all make assumptions or judgments based on appearance. Well-groomed hair is an important factor to have an idea about someone. In a conversations, people’s eyes are directed toward the other’s heads. Because the hair on the head is so visible, though, it also becomes a part of a […]

EMS Smart Neck Massager

Neck pain is a common complaint in every society. It is not only a complaint of people of retirement age, but also of office workers, university students, workers who work with heavy physical activity, vehicle drivers and people of many other ages and professions. Neck pain may occur due to many different reasons. Some of […]

Bunion Correctors

Inactivity brought by modern life and poor quality shoes can cause many foot diseases. Hallux valgus is one of the most common foot deformity. Hallux valgus, the most common foot deformity, is characterised as a combined deformity with a malpositioning of the first metatarsophalangeal joint caused by a lateral deviation of the great toe and a […]

Doppler Fetal & Baby Heart Rate Detector

It is exciting for expectant mothers and fathers to hear the heartbeat of their babies. They long for this moment, feel the presence of their baby without being born. What they most want is for their baby to be healthy. During pregnancy, your baby’s heartbeat is more important than anything else. It is the most […]

ClearNova™ Vacuum Pro

Blackheads are a skin problem that is mainly visible when dirt accumulated in its pores becomes black or dark in color through oxidation. Blackheads are technically a type of acne called comedo. While there are various types of comedo, they all derive from one common denominator: clogged pores. Blackheads are formed as a result of clogging of the […]

Vitamer Blender 2.0™

Since the blender entered our lives, our work in the kitchen became very easy. Thanks to the blender, which can whisk liquids such as soup, buttermilk, tomato puree, milkshake and smoothies very quickly and break and grind solid foods, we have saved time while cooking and our arms and hands are not as tired as […]

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