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Take the Tension Away with a Soothing Eye Massage. See how…

Today’s lifestyle keeps everyone busy and stressed most of the time. Have you ever experienced a day in which the tension was so bad, your head was about to explode? Headaches and bad night’s sleep are so common, almost everyone suffers from them. And it keeps getting worse because you spend so many hours in an office, sitting in front of a screen.

ZenMind XP is a premium eye mask that uses the latest technology and promises to deliver a break from the damaging screen light and take away the headaches all this anxiety and stress may cause you.

Technology has been trying to find a way to relieve people from everyday tension that may cause health problems. Not only this stress can be bad for your body but also for your mind. How can you take a break from it and enjoy a couple of peaceful minutes? Surely, taking pills for the headaches all the time isn’t the solution. That’s why, ZenMind XP uses a different approach. It is controlled by a single button so it’s really easy to use. It offers different massage modes to choose from and it promises to make you forget tension and pain altogether. Is it too good to be true? We tested it and here’s what we think.

ZenMind XP can take the strain off modern life and it’s the solution to those who have trouble sleeping or have intense headaches. Within minutes of using it you can feel relaxed as the pain fades away. Choose the mode which is better for you. It is more than any eye mask you could find on the market. It combines massaging with the power of heat for maximum relaxation. No need to worry about being too small or too big. It’s designed so it fits everyone. You can also try the Bluetooth speaker to listen to music that helps you create a soothing environment. Cool right?


What makes ZenMind XP such a great device?

  • Choose between 9 massaging modes

When all other eye masks fail to give you enough massaging option, ZenMind XP offers exactly what you need. Forget about modes that aren’t powerful enough to make a difference. This device targets 9 different acupuncture points to provide you with a gentle warmth that soothes the key areas around your eyes. Choose from heat and air compression, length of massage, heat, vibration and more. Increase the blood flow to the right areas and lift dark circles and puffiness. Leave in the past all these things that make you feel tired because of a bad night’s sleep or staring on a screen for too long.

  • One to fit them all

Don’t worry about the ZenMind XP‘s size compared to your head. It comes with an adjustable strap and it’s designed in such way that fits everyone. It won’t be too big or too small for you. The cotton cushion on the inside make the whole experience really relaxing and you there’s no chance you’ll feel uncomfortable while wearing it. The appealing ergonomic design means it can be used anywhere. Yes anywhere! It doesn’t have any cables, so you can move freely to any part of your home or even take it with you while travelling.

  • Restore your youth

The traditional methods to relax your eyes don’t seem to work anymore. The effects don’t last and you look tired all the time. ZenMind XP uses air and heat for better and long-lasting results. To reach your full potential, you need to feel rested. ZenMind XP warms the muscles around your eyes to help the blood flow. The heat level is between 100.4-107 °F (38-41.6 °C) which provides a cozy feeling. It’s small and convenient and doesn’t need more than a couple of minutes to be effective.

  • Play your soothing music

Take your relaxation one step further with music. Whilst relaxing, ZenMind XP allows you to pair it with a device via Bluetooth. Combine a soothing massage with your favorite chill music. This bonus feature can’t be found anywhere else! The system has a deep sound to help you get lost in relaxation land!

Relaxation at its finest

  • 9 Relaxation Programs
  • Easy to Use – One Button Operated
  • Heat Vibrations
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Universal Fit For All Faces
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Our team took it for a test and this is what it has to say

“I used to come home everyday from work and have the worst headache. I know that sitting in my office for so many hours didn’t help. I gave ZenMind XP a try and I couldn’t believe it. It takes only a couple of minutes to take all the pain away.”
“It has great quality and the materials make it pretty solid. It’s so comfortable to wear and the 4 different modes work amazing. You should get one for yourself!”
“It’s compact and lightweight and I take it with me at the office! Whenever I feel like a headache is about to come I put it on for a couple of minutes. My eyes were constantly tired but now I feel like a whole new person.”

How much does ZenMind XP cost?

Is this device all talk and no results? No, it’s not! We thought that with that kind of power it probably costs a fortune. That was a mistake!

It costs only 89$ with free shipping worldwide!

Our team recommends it hands down for everyone with chronic headaches and problems with tension and anxiety. ZenMind XP is a revolutionary gadget that will change your everyday life. Forget about medicine and forget about pain once and for all!

  • ✅ 9 Different Relaxation Programs
  • ✅ Combined Air and Heat Massage
  • ✅ Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • ✅ Fits All Faces
  • ✅ 50% Discount Currently Available
  • Stock is Limited

How can you get it?

You can get ZenMind XP with a couple of clicks. At the moment it’s available 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  1. Order ZenMind XP
  2. Take away tension and anxiety.

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