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IOnic Spa Shower is simple, yet amazingly effective solution for your poor shower experience. It maintains natural skin moisture, prevents chlorine from touching your skin and hair and increases the cleansing power. This shower head especially helps those who live in the areas with very hard water—the unique technology of this shower head helps to soften the water which flows through the mechanism. Moreover, you will feel like in a real spa while showering! Because of these qualities, you are going to get out of the shower not only clean but also relieved from all the stress you were feeling. You will be excited to come back home and get into the shower—after all, who doesn’t like a spa?




Have you ever looked at yourself and thought that, maybe, your hair seems a bit too fizzy, a bit too dry? Maybe your skin seems a bit greyer than it should be? Maybe you feel too stressed out and have no place to relax? And what about that message, which your neighbour suggested to try, in order to stimulate your metabolism?

It should not be like this. You should not have any ground for such thoughts. The good news is, there is actually not much to be worried about—all of those bad thoughts can be stopped by simply changing the way you shower. To be more precise, your shower head. Yes, a shower head!

The IOnic Spa Showerhead is revolutionary for showering experience. Those dry and fizzy hair come from chlorine ions. That seemingly grey skin? Lost moisture. The feeling of intense pressure on your shoulders can also be changed into way better emotion. IOnic Spa Shower does not dry your skin, or hair, or your emotions. It improves and maintains optimum Natural Moister Factor (NMF); generates a high concentration of negative ions; the reduced water clusters increase the cleansing power of water and deeply cleanses the scalp and hair follicles; it significantly reduces harmful chlorine inhalation; the water flow stimulates hair follicles that way increasing the speed of growth. It is surprising how much benefits a simple change of a shower head can provide. Thousands of people are enjoying these changes every day—and you could be one of them!


IOnic Spa Shower features a different set of features than most shower heads. Each of the features grants an unforgettable experience.


  • LUV technology boosts water pressure up to 200%, so a user would have satisfactory shower experience.
  • Stainless steel. Made from high-quality materials for long-term use.
  • Three different spraying modes. The head features jetting, massage and rainfall modes, to each of the users’ taste.
  • Filtration system. Removes 97% of chlorine, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, toxins, pesticides and rust from your shower water. Makes the water softer, that way letting a user use less soap (hard water requires more soap) and preventing the batch appearance destroyers—scums.
  • Negative Ion technology. All-natural bio-active stones provide stable pH balance, purifies the shower water, helps to eliminate dry and flaky skin. Negative ion technology has also been scientifically associated with mental improvement, decreased blood pressure, reduction in tension, greater energy levels, better sleep cycles, reduced oil secretion on the skin and increased cell viability.
  • Eco-friendly. Water runs through miniature holes, that way saving up to 35% more water.
  • Simple and durable design. The shower head is made of environment-friendly ABS material. It features a transparent, see-through design and high-density filter that’s removable for easy cleaning. Attaches to any standard shower.



After receiving the package with the shower head inside, just simply install it to your shower. To change the spraying pattern to any from the shown below, use the control switches on the side. Choose the most suitable spraying pattern for the day and enjoy your time well spent!



  • Stronger, healthier hair;
  • Moisturized, younger looking skin;
  • Stimulated hair follicles;
  • Cleaner, softer water;
  • Faster cleaning process;
  • Spa-level experience;
  • A high-quality, long-lasting built;
  • The end of the scum in the shower.


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IOnic Spa Shower™️
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