FOAMatic™ Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser Smart Sensor Touchless Hand Washer

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Every parent faces the great difficulty of making their kids wash their hands using soap. It is almost like the weight of the soap bar is insufferable for the young ones and they do struggle with developing this vital habit of washing their hands. Let alone the fact that usual soaps and press-type soap dispensers are much more likely to be contaminated by dirty hands making it even more stressful for mothers to protect their children from invisible bacteria. However, worry not, because FOAMatic automatic soap dispenser is here to save the day by making hand washing a lot easier both for children and their parents.






Not only is it a high-quality product to help you with keeping up high hygiene standards at home, but it consumes very little energy, has a long-lasting battery and 0.2s reaction as well. It is perfect to have FOAMatic around the house, so as to ensure you have completely contact-free access to soap accompanied by a bunch of other useful features.




FOAMatic is a perfect solution towards living a more sanitary life. To get it going you simply need to:

  • Put 4 AAAA batteries inside the battery compartment
  • Mix the liquid of your choice with water and put it into the water tank
  • Press the power button to switch it on (white indicator light will flash once). There is absolutely no need to keep turning it on and off, since it will put itself to sleep mode automatically, however, if you need to completely switch it off simply press the power button and wait for red indicator light to flash once.
  • Now your dispenser is ready to use and you can enjoy that lush foam by placing your hand under the sensor, keeping the distance approximately 6cm

FOAMatic is very simple to use and will help you develop these hygienic habits, as well as saving you a great deal of unwanted quarreling with your kids over hand washing. It is there for your comfort and hygiene!


  • Completely contact free with a built-in infrared sensor and 0.2s foaming for instant bubbling: easy to access large amounts of foam without contact
  • Long-lasting battery: it can be used up to 6 months if equipped with 4 AAA batteries, besides it automatically turns to sleep mode when not used, thus saving the battery life
  • Large capacity: there is no need to refill the dispenser frequently, since the capacity is 350ml
  • Highly hygienic: automatic sensors help you avoid the spread of bacteria
  • Durable & silent: motor speed is up to 7000rpm and it can rotate 50,000 times in total. In addition, its smart silent motor will leave you undisturbed when it works
  • Suitable for multiple liquids: various kinds of liquid can be put into this dispenser, from hand soap, shower gel, shampoo to facial cleanser or even dishwashing liquids.

All of these features are there to assure you get the best product of this kind. Maybe it is about time you switch from regular soaps and press-type dispenser to this convenient and useful gadget that can fit in most places of the house, be it bathroom or kitchen, due to its simple and yet practical design, for a more sanitary living?


Do you even have to ask? Tried and tested by our team and our customers, this liquid soap dispenser satisfies anyone from young to old! It’s stylish, easy to use, affordable, and a great competitor with the other soap dispensers out there!

If you’re looking for a soap dispenser that will help you improve your hygiene habits, lead a more sanitary life, protect your children from invisible bacteria and be easy to use, then look no further! FOAMatic will offer that and more! Try the contactless dispenser that will fit mostly anywhere in your house and stay safe!



FOAMatic is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

FOAMatic™ Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser Smart Sensor Touchless Hand Washer
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