Licetex – Automatic Electric Head Lice Comb

Lice do not distinguish between rich, poor, clean and dirty. Anyone can catch lice, regardless of whether they are children or adults. It can infect anyone, even if they prefer children and girls with long hair. 

Lice are parasites that need human blood to survive and reproduce. Since lice are parasitic creatures, they always need a place to stay in order to survive. Therefore, it can only survive for 48 hours outside the human body. They prefer the warmest places on the scalp to live, namely the back of the ears or the nape of the neck. 

Head lice are small, wingless insects, ranging from gray or light brown to reddish brown, about 3 mm long. Head lice are hard to see. They adhere tightly to the hair and scalp. They match the color of the hair. However, it can be easily seen when the lice crowds proliferate. The biting of the lice is not felt in the first place, but then causes a severe itch, so the person constantly scratches their head. Scratching causes skin injury, and these wounds can not easily heal and they become inflamed. Careful control ensures early diagnosis. Even in the slightest doubt, separate the hair with a comb and examine it using a magnifying glass. 

Lice is not a problem related to personal hygiene, as is commonly thought. It does not matter whether the person is extremely clean or scruffy. Lice can occur on both clean and dirty hair. Do not forget that lice feed by sucking blood, when there is no dandruff or dirt layer in the hair, it can pass and feed more easily on the scalp, so lice prefer clean hair to dirty hair. They are transmitted through common shared items such as brushes, combs, scarves, hats, pillows and furry toys. Sharing these items should be avoided to reduce the risk of recurrent epidemics. In addition, it passes from person to person through contact surfaces such as pillows and upholstery. However, the main contamination is hair contact. Lice; It diffuses quite easily in environments such as kindergartens and schools. Lice cannot fly or jump, but can easily move from one head to another with close contact. 

Getting rid of head lice is not a quick process. It is essential to comb and shampoo the hair. There are different chemical-containing shampoos and lotions used for this purpose. However, the lethal effect of any drug is not 100 percent. For this reason, in addition to drug treatment, lice and nits must be removed using special dense toothed combs.

Licetex kills head lice and their eggs quickly, easily and effectively. It provides a comprehensive treatment without using chemicals. Thanks to its nano-bind teeths, it detach all nits, eggs and lice from the hair. Lice are drawn into the machine with the help of vacuum. UV Light easily views all captured lice and eggs. Licetex does not pull the hair and can be used on wet hair and all types of hair. It can even be used on our furry friends. 
You can get rid of all the lice and nits by repeating this hair combing process continuously. You should comb the hair every night for three weeks to make sure there are no new lice. 

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