Sterhen Portable Ozone Disinfection Machine Vegetable Washer Home Air Purifier vegetable ozone disinfection machine

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Sterhen Portable Ozone Disinfection Machine Vegetable Washer Home Air Purifier vegetable ozone disinfection machine

easily operation without instruction manual

Power Input:AC220V/50HZ
Ozone output: 400mg/h
Ozone Max working time:0~30min/per time
Net weight:0.8KG
Product size: 25 x 18.5 x 8.5 cm
Carton size:32.8 x 29 x 12.5 cm

Product Description:
1.Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable: kill bacteria, keep fresh, eliminate bad smell and reduce hormone.
2.Skin care beauty: activation  of skin cells , speckle removing ,prevention of halitosis and tooth cavities ,skin disease and so on.
3.Water purifier : water treatment for decolonization  and fishy removal.
4.Air purifier : kill bacteria ,disinfecting ,eliminate bad odor ,especially in household and office area.
5.Manual rotate system and automatic system.
6.the color of machine can be customized.

Ozone Main Series Application:

(1)Scope of household usage
1. Remove odor, purify air(10 min)
2. Closet shoe cabinets mould proof and deodorization (10 min)
3. Remove the special odor out from Living room and formaldehyde from furniture(10-30 min)
4. Dispel unpleasant smells from pet garbage(10 min)

(2)Scope of diet
1. Degrade pesticide Fertilizer of garden stuff (10-20 min)
2. Disinfect of cutlery, kitchenware and tea set(10 min)
3. Treat tap water and mineral water (10 min /10 kg)
4. wash food and keep garden stuff fresh(5-10min)
5. Refrigerator deodorization and keep food fresh(10 min)
6. Keep the fish, meat and fresh seafood fresh (5-10 min)

1. Wash chiuciok, keep it away from germs, prevent human far away from athlete’s foot (10-30 min)
2. Baby’s goods, toys wash and Sterilization(10 min)
3, Sterilize of clothes bleaching(20 min)
4, Oral hygiene(5-10 min)
5. Beauty (10-20 min/10 kg)
6. Couple health care (10-20 min /10 kg)

ozone generator can decompose Pesticides in Fruits &z Vegetables
ozone water kills pesticides and deadly bacteria in produce making them “organic”. It only takes a few seconds for ozone to oxidize the harmful pesticides, bacteria, and chemicals that are found on most fruits or vegetables, You don’ t have to soak them for a long time. but soaking your fruit and vegetable in ozone water before rinsing and consuming promotes good health and can prevent serious illness.
Ozone will help keep fruit and vegetable fresh and they will last longer. Simply place your grocery bag into a large plastic bag and then stick the hose with the ceramic aerator on it and ozone the entire grocery bag(s)with all the produce in it for about 3 minutes.



What is ozone?
Ozone is a naturally occurring substance that is sometimes called activated oxygen”. It contains three atoms of oxygen(o3)instead of the usual two found in normal oxygen(O2).Ozone(03)is a colorless gas with a distinct, pungent odor. It is a molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen.

How strong is ozone?
Ozone is the safest and second most powerful oxidant known to man. It performs 3, 125 times faster than chlorine as a bactericide, and is the strongest oxidant commercially available for air and water treatment. ozone as an oxidant neutralizes contaminants or chemically alters them so that they can be more easily eliminated.

What is anion
(Negative ions)
Anion is known as ‘the air vitamin’ which can promote blood circulation and vigor cells. It can also strengthen the disease resistant ability, and make people far away from the illness. Negative ions clean and fresh up indoor air decrease pollution and enhance the body metabolism, reduce respiratory problems and enhance resistance and immunity power of the body. Meanwhile, it could purifier the air by neutralize secondhand smoke, oil smoke reducing odors and dust, air pollutants, Vocs (chemical odors), mold bacteria and viruses. It will make people feel just like living in the forest .

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Sterhen Portable Ozone Disinfection Machine Vegetable Washer Home Air Purifier vegetable ozone disinfection machine
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