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Seasonal allergic rhinitis, also known as spring allergy,  is one of the most common allergic diseases. If you feel unwell at the same times every year, you may be one of those with spring allergies.

The word rhinitis refers to nasal inflammation. If the nasal inflammation is caused by allergic reasons, it is called allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis can be seasonal. In seasonal allergic rhinitis, symptoms occur mostly due to pollen. If allergens are in the air at certain periods, symptoms are seen. Other times they have no complaints. As the symptoms depend on pollen, differences can be observed between regions.

Some patients’ complaints are very long lasting. Patients with perennial (year-round) allergic rhinitis are more susceptible to household allergens. Household allergens such as house dust mites, pet allergens, fungal spores cause symptoms throughout the year if precautions are not taken.

Among the main causes of allergic rhinitis:

•Genetic factors
•Animal fluff
•House mites can be counted.

After the disease occurs, it usually continues for years. Although it can be seen at any age, the first symptoms mostly appear in childhood and young adulthood. It is more likely to occur in people with a family history of allergic diseases and / or allergy predisposition.

Allergic rhinitis can be mild, moderate / severe. Based on the accompanying symptoms, the doctor decides on the severity of the condition.

Among the most common symptoms;

•Runny nose
•Watery eyes, bloodshot
•Itching and burning in the nose, throat, mouth and eyes
•Congestion, swelling in the nose
•Ear congestion
•Decreased smell and taste
•Dark circles under the eyes
•Cough can be considered.
•The quality of life is greatly affected in moderate and severe allergic rhinitis; impaired daily activities and sleep.

There are various treatment methods for allergic rhinitis. The most common of these is avoiding allergens and medication. However, despite all the precautions and medication, allergy complaints sometimes do not go away and our patients resort to alternative treatment methods.
In this sense, a new treatment method for allergic rhinitis has become a new ray of hope in patients. This method is low intensity laser therapy. It is a safe method for desensitization that has no side-effects. It is highly effective in certain food, dust, and pet allergies.

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