EMS Smart Neck Massager

Neck pain is a common complaint in every society. It is not only a complaint of people of retirement age, but also of office workers, university students, workers who work with heavy physical activity, vehicle drivers and people of many other ages and professions.

Neck pain may occur due to many different reasons. Some of them are due to posture disorders such as looking at the computer screen, spending too much time on the phone; others develop after a different underlying medical condition. Many reasons can be mentioned that cause changes in the neck spine:

·Loads placed on the spine due to wrong body position
·Cooling of the muscles (hypothermia)
·Sleeping in the wrong position on an uncomfortable bed
·Body weight above the normal range
·Sitting at the computer or in a stretched position for a long time
·Sudden movements, excessive physical exercise, etc.

As a result, muscle spasms develop in the mentioned areas and blood circulation is impaired, and muscle fatigue and serious problems occur over time. As the disease progresses, the muscles never relax and the discomfort becomes widespread. Besides these, muscle spasm creates certain barriers that impair the function of the discs between the vertebrae, neck hernia may occur.

If your neck pain did not occur after a trauma, there are some methods you can apply yourself:

Resting: In most neck strains and sprains, resting for a few days gives the muscles and tendons the time needed to heal spontaneously. It is important to be careful to avoid strenuous activities or movements that cause more pain.

Correcting posture: If bad posture causes neck pain, simple changes may be the solution to the pain. Using a properly positioned chair, monitor and keyboard while working, taking the correct sleeping position (on the back) and using pillows that support the neck can reduce pain.

Ice and / or heat: Applying ice can be used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and pain. Initially, it is better to use a cold compress for neck pain. This is because cold applications can temporarily close small blood vessels and prevent swelling. After a few days, ice or heat may alternatively be applied. Constant heat may cause swelling to increase.

Massage: It should be preferred mostly after applying ice or heat. A deep massage soothes muscle tension and spasms and reduces pain.

EMS Smart Neck Massager is an excellent tool to relieve the pain in the neck. It helps local blood circulation, relaxes regional muscles, eliminates inflammation, swelling, pain and fatigue. Cervicodynia has good effect for shoulder and arm numbness, headache and dizziness. By emitting magnetic waves, it absorbs the pain in the painful area and allows you to feel the relaxation effect on your body. This device has 3 different mode (automatic, kneading, vibration), it’s convenient, fast and easy to operate. With its elastic arm technology, electrode micro-surface design, it fully covers the neck and it’s suitable for different neck sizes. You can use the massage tool anytime, anywhere. You won’t even feel its presence thanks to its light weight of 160 grams. With just 15 minutes of daily use, you will be feeling very comfortable all day.

Enjoy an immersive massage experience anytime, anywhere!

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