Earwoke™ – Invisible Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are the first solution-oriented way of thinking for individuals with hearing loss. However, due to the prejudices against the hearing aid, unfortunately, hearing aids are not used before the discomfort reaches the final level. 
The most basic task of hearing aids is to audibly amplify sounds that the hearing loss person cannot hear. Hearing aids collect sounds from the external environment through their microphones inside, reprocess the sounds according to the user’s hearing loss, and produce and transmit the sound to the ear, providing normal and natural sensation. The hearing aid allows you to pick up even the smallest sounds, understand speech comfortably and normally, hear all kinds of sounds around you, watch TV comfortably and many more.

• All surrounding sounds are heard normally.
• Speech intelligibility is much better than when a hearing aid is not used.
• Incomprehension of speech is a progressive situation. The perceptual deterioration will stop and partial improvement will be seen observed. 
• Since voices can be heard normally and naturally, life and work will continue safely in daily life.
• An individual who can perceive what is spoken comfortably will not isolate himself from social life.
• Comfortable TV viewing, hearing phone and ring tones, communicating more comfortably enables a person to maintain a high standard of living.
• An individual who does not give in to silence will lead a more normal and happy life psychologically.
• Thanks to timely instrumentation and support in newborn babies, the baby will develop at the same level with their peers, and will not encounter any adverse effects of hearing loss throughout their life.
• With the use of hearing aids in children, no regression will be observed in our child; a happy child development without psychological, social and academic problems will be observed.
• During the use of the hearing aid, it has been found to be beneficial in understanding and activating the inner hair cells. There is no such thing as hearing aids making the ear lazy or causing the current disease to progress. 

Earwoke™ transmits a near-normal quality sound to the ear with hearing loss. It’s a suitable device for those with mild-to-severe hearing loss. It transmits the sounds that the ear needs to the ear by processing the sounds coming from outside, according to the sound levels required by the ear with hearing loss, with approximately 40 million arithmetic calculations per second. Thanks to this feature, it separates speech and noise, emphasizing the user’s speech in noisy places and facilitates understanding. It’s only 0.7 x 0.47 inches in size (1.8cm x 1.2cm). You won’t even notice it’s there, thanks to the design of the hearing aid, telephone and mobile phone can be used comfortably.

Enjoy hearing!

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