Best Pilates Equipment for Home Use

Pilates is a physiotherapy based rehabilitation method as it is accepted all over the world. The fact that it eliminates the risk of injury and can be applied with very little energy allows this method to be performed in a wide age range from 7 to 70. It can make our daily work easier, more natural and more satisfying thanks to the continuous, regular and rational bodybuilding.

If we talk about the benefits of pilates; In general, it increases the strength of the body, supports the bodybuilding goal, provides balance and coordination, significantly affects posture disorder, increases flexibility, is good for back pain, employs deep stabilizers and provides the integration of the mind with the body.

“Joseph Hubertus Pilates”, the founder of Pilates, first defined the name of this system as “control”. J. Pilates said, “Breathing is the first and last activity of our life. Our life depends on him.” Pilates is not only a useful sport for the body. In addition, there are many advantages in terms of mental health and it is also practiced as meditation.

Pilates, which works all the muscles of the body and is as good for the soul as the body, is an exercise that anyone can do at their homes. We want to correct the most common mistake about pilates, which is identified only with a big ball in the minds of people, actually contains a much wider range of equipment. When it comes to pilates, many other things such as balls consisting of different sizes, tires with different structure and flexibility, weight tools are included in our subject.

The Mats

Joseph Pilates offered the mats as the basic material for his training. While doing Pilates exercises, you almost roll like a ball. Here mats are for protecting the back during these exercises rather than comfort. It is also important for balance and body adaptation.

Yoga blocks

It helps prevent over-stretching and injury. Yoga blocks allow you to achieve good alignment. You can also get support from yoga blocks for advanced positions.

Pilates Circle

The pilates circle increases the intensity of your workouts, improves your posture, adds flexibility, strengthens your muscles.

The Bands

The bands provide more free and larger range of motion compared to machines with clear start and end points. This allows you to create resistance in all aspects of movement. It also allows you to adjust the angles of your movements and take control over weight-based exercises.

Foam Roller

It has great benefits in muscle relaxation. It can save you from various cramps and prevent these cramps. You can also add the foam roller to the warm-up movements before work-out and it will have a great effect on the blood circulation.

Trigger Point Massage Roller

It helps channel blood, improve oxygen flow, and heal tissue to help users recover from injuries, relieve muscle and joint pain, and improve circulation, flexibility, balance and mobility.

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