Serbian Chef’s Knife

Serbian Chef’s Knife or how you might have seen on the Internet as Almazan Kitchen Knife is a unique, hand-forged knife and it haunts the dreams of every chef or anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen. This knife is seen as one of the most popular products of Serbian heritage which is claimed to be in use for decades. Serbian Sarschach Steel is used in the forging process by experienced blacksmiths. It is a multipurpose blade made to last. Buy this durable knife and you’ll be sure that your grandchildren won’t need to buy a new knife.

This knife has the potential to cut through anything without an extra effort. Whether you are in your cozy kitchen, chopping veggies or you’re out in nature, bushcrafting, cutting meat, this knife is all you need. It can be used to chop wood and make kindlings. Its perfect weight and balance make it an all-around knife. Use it in your house, restaurant or outdoor adventures.

Not that it needs convincing to sell this perfect knife, but it should not be left unsaid that the Serbian Chef’s Knife was voted as the best chef’s knife in 2018. 

Specifications of Serbian Chef’s Knife

It cuts smoothly, effortlessly and momentarily, which is all we look for in a chef’s knife. You will never need another knife in your lifetime!

  • Hand Forged and Hardened

A special characteristic of the knife is its 58-60 HRC hardness. It is created and treated by hand and fire using traditional techniques of Master Smithing. The ancient technique of quenching passed down generations makes the stiffness of the knife as strong as HRC60±2, which is far superior to the mechanistically manufactured HRC52±2 standard. Moreover, this knife’s bodily density and stiffness are significantly improved by the periodic hammering carried out by experienced forgers.

  • Versatile

It can be used for any kind of cutting or hacking. For the Serbian Chef’s Knife, it doesn’t matter at all whether you are chopping meat, veggies or wood.

  • Enduring Sharpness

This knife is manually sharpened by qualified craftsmen who use natural knife grinders mined in the Balkan Mountain Range of Serbia, with decades of experience. This knife is much longer in service than mechanically made kitchen knives! 

  • High Carbon Steel Blade

Forged with High Carbon Steel for improved strength and endurance.

  • Robust Blade Forged for Every Situation

Every Serbian Chef’s Knife is handcrafted to cope with even the most difficult situation at any time. Because of the artisans’ quenching methodology along with their peculiar producing technology, the balance of the rigidity and tenacity of this knife makes it tougher and longer-lasting. Never again will you have to use a different knife!

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