5 Amazing Things LED Therapy Can Do For Your Skin

Various LED wavelengths may be used to target different skin issues from acne to aging skin. Every wavelength penetrates a certain depth and causes the skin to have a different effect. Frameworks can now be subdivided based on the wavelength or wavelength combination used.

1. Heals Wounds

Early work with LEDs focused primarily on the characteristics of wound healing on skin infections. Visible / NIR-LED light therapies have been shown to significantly increase cell growth of normal human epithelial cells, decrease in wound size and speed of wound closing, rapid healing of skin grafts and accelerated healing of chronic leg ulcers. Wavelength: mix of 660 & 850

2. Acne

Clinical tests have shown the mitigation of inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions in the treatment of acne vulgaris using blue light. Wavelength: 415

3. Inflammation

May result from enzyme oxidation created by the defense mechanism of the body in response to trauma exposure such as sunlight (photodamage). Research has shown the anti-inflammatory ability of LED therapy, as well as improving erythema resolution (redness). Wavelength: 630-660

4. Photorejuvenation

With time, skin shows the effects of aging slowly. The collagen in the body begins to break down, leading to fine lines and darker grooves on the surface of the skin. The aging process can be accelerated by factors such as sun, gravity, and hormones. LED treatment can restore the deficiency of collagen by inducing new synthesis of collagen. The increase in collagen production was found in clinical studies in combination with an increased appearance of photo-damaged skin. Wavelength: 630-660

5. Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation Prevention (PHI)

Asian and dark-complexed people are more susceptible to post-inflammatory pigment reaction PHI. LED therapy can prevent or treat PIH-substantial reduction or absence of PIH lesions in the LED-treated areas that have been shown in trials.

LED Devices to use at home have different forms:

  • Hand-Held
  • Wearable Face Mask
  • Wearable Goggles
  • Flat – can be shaped to fit different areas of the body
  • Beds

How long does it take to see results?

Many brands will start showing results as early as 10 days and will continue to see benefits for up to 10 weeks before you begin to see firmer, smoother skin. (In a routine clinical study for 10 weeks)

How long do you need to wear and or use the device?

Each device and brand differ, some products are up to 3 minutes a day (continuous use) while some are up to 30 minutes twice a week. Skin Tip: LED treatment could be used to assist with skin recovery directly after micro-needling.

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